Feb 25 – performance for Gothla UK online show

March 16&17 – Photo Project with Eugene Noir

April 3-19 – Portland, Oregon, USA
April 19-24 – Los Angeles, USA

April 27 & 28 – performance & workshops at Gothla France

May 3&4 – performance & workshop at @londonfusionfest by @rachael.redfern

May 6-10 – Dozentin für einwöchiges Seminar im Rahmen der psychotherapeutischen Fortbildungswoche Langeoog “Tanz und Coachingpsychologie”

May 18 – WGT performance with @otherday_official

June 1&2 – photo project with @eugene_noir in Hannover

June 21-23 – Vienna, Austria, Caravanseray by @mabmichaela and @doro.decadance

⭐️ Dance Classes ⭐️

In Hannover:
Donnerstag 18:30 Uhr – Open Level
Donnerstag 20 Uhr – Fortgeschritten

Freitag 16:30 Uhr – Fortgeschritten

In Planung – Wünsche an mich!
In the planning stages – Send requests to me!

Private lessons can be booked anytime! Online or in person are both possible, in English or German. Send a DM or an email to

Leocadia is no longer part of the Glass Eaters® dance group. She will be offering new choreography projects in Hanover. She is also planning a permanent dance ensemble that will perform all over Germany. You can register for the ensemble by sending an e-mail.