Your Photo Shoot in Hannover, Germany

Come to our studio for your very own photo shoot with full styling, make-up and help with posing and how to present yourself!

We have the honour to welcome Evgenia, better known as Eugene Noir, the famous photographer from Ukraine, to Hannover soon! She will offer a few exclusive shooting days for us and provide you with really artful pictures.

And the best thing is: You can join in! Everyone is welcome!

Evgenia will be in Hanover on one weekend each in December 2022 and January 2023 to shoot with us.

In fact, I invited her to Hanover because I think some of you, like me, would also like to transform into a fantastic goddess and get to keep beautiful photos of it. And besides, it’s great to be able to support a Ukrainian woman!

But not only that! You will be taken care of, styled and get you hair done, so you can have fun and relax, and get the best pictures possible.

Evgenia and I will do all the styling and preparation for you and make you feel like a queen!