… is a Tribal Fusion dancer and dance teacher based in northern Germany.

Leocadia is a contemporary dancer and dance teacher specialising in Tribal Fusion and Dark Fusion Bellydance.

She is the director of her dance school in Hanover, which offers classes in fusion dance, fitness and yoga.

In her opulent performances she fascinates the audience with excellent technical dance finesse and body control and her intoxicating expression.

Detailed, opulent costumes complete the picture of her stage shows.

Leocadia is particularly passionate about teaching fitness and dance classes several times a week in Hanover.

Her repertoire of experiences also contains American Tribal Syle®, Ballet and Burlesque with a strong focus on Tribal Fusion Bellydance. As a member of the award-winning dance group Tribe Glass Eaters and of the German-Japanese dance project „KoRaBo コラボ the German-Japanese Fusion Collaboration“ she experienced the aspect of work within a group and the strong bond which connects dancers while performing together. During the work with her Tribe she engaged in the creative process of group choreography, whereas as a soloist she uses choreographed pieces as well as improvisation.